Espy Media Group, Inc. is an independent Documentary production company specializing in unique programming content.  After many years in the post-production business, company head Dan Espy decided to follow his passion of telling little known and untold stories through documentary style productions.

“I had always thought that many things in our lifetime were, and still are, taken for granted.  Such things as Becker’s Train, which is known to many New Jersey residents and something as diverse as Route 66 - America’s Mother Road, which is known to many all over the country should be remembered.  My documentary formula is to give a story historical significance and respect.  In telling a story in this manner it lends itself to not only entertain, but also to educate.”  -  Dan Espy

Espy Media Group, Inc. will to bring to life stories of special interest.  I remember that… - tell me more about that… or - that must have been a great place… has been said many times before when friends and family get together.  Our programs can never replace what once was, but they can surely help keep memories alive.  The genuine concern for the subject matter of our programs is what is used in the selection of our show topics.We hope that this passion is evident to our viewers.

We thank you for your continued support.